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energy sucess or failure ?

after 2 or 3 days of record high may temperatures(90 +)F degrees ontario energy spokesman terry young declared yesterday that ontario has the energy problem under control^^^^during the past few days ontario had to import 15 percent of its electricity demands^^^due mainly because of AIR CONDITIONERS^^^so from a peak demand in 2004 we managed to increase demand 15 percent^^if this is sucess I wonder what failure is ?^^^^ the inability of the province to control electricity DEMAND is a black mark we should not be proud of

peanut growing

# 1 buy some raw (not roasted) peanuts in the shell # 2 prepare the soil- - it likes a rich soil with 40 % peat 40 % fertilizer 20 % soil # 3 plant in full sunlight in rows about 1 foot apart # 4 isolate or otherwise protect the garden from rodents,squirrels etc.who love to dig up the delicious seeds you just planted # 5 en joy the the beutiful tiny yellow blossoms and unusual look of the vegetation as the summer season progresses - - -the leaves are a folded heart shape which will bend towards the soil and take root,thus producing peanuts at that point later in the season - - - - recommended crop for the future - - global warming


aproximetly 1000 sf seeds from one plant 2005

this is OUR home


photo practice

this is NOT my house

garden tips

tomato plants can now be planted without fear of frost--hopefully--they require full sunshine^^^and a rich soil^^ i like using a triple mix 33 % soil 33 peat % 33 % fertilizer^^^plant firmly but gently into the soil spaced about 15 inches apart^^^^^^^ for green bell pepper plants exactly the same planting rules apply^^^note :add a little water to promote initial growth and throughout the the season moniter growing trend with ocassional watering

season--for gardens--latitude 40 something

im thinking i should start a garden tips section^^^^^^^^^^so here it is^^^^^for sunflowers:the giant black seed variety^^^^^prepare the soil before hand^^^well mixed with^^ 20% peat moss^^40% soil^^40 % fertilizer^^^soil should occupy an area the size of a bucket or pail or flower pot^^seeds should be inserted into the soil 2 " below the surface and patted down to deter any rodents in the area^^^seeds should be about 18 inches apart in a full sunlight location^^^ my seedlings are already up^^so plant now or never^^^depending on the variety they can grow up to ten feet tall in 4 short months


weather here is cool about 7 degrees celcius what else is new ? this is a new blog for one.i used to have my own website for about a year and did my own development .after working on it for a year it wasnt going nowhere and then by providence it crashed. it was one of those rare free websites .i sometimes wonder if that blog is floating around in outer space still.i had a lot of good material on the site mostly about the enviroment...i made good use of java script and html but with the blog its not necessary. if only they made that much progress on the enviroment .. maybe its wishful thinking^^^^^^right now im rambling on in different directions^^^^if any

random thoughts

my mind is almost blank right now, stay tuned


question:how many blogs are there ? answer =1 BILLION 200 million plus or minus a few thousand doesnt it make one appear small i guess thats why i am a little reluctant about posting but i think its still a good idea blogging that is, pardon my typing my secretary is unavailable,joking of course.i promise to improve as time goes by