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. . .photo is from cairo egypt showing removal of portrait former leader of egypt on 13th Feb,2011.
after the popular uprising in Egypt and removal of Mubarek..its time for analysis what happened and why...egypt has a rich history and is strategically located close to the oil supply routes via the suez canal,which is a curse and a blessing to its peoples.the Suez is a curse because many world economies depend on shipments through this canal. Crude oil tankers are vital to their shortsighted economic interests which is in direct opposition to the interests of a healthy planet.Most of the oil through the canal will end up in the millions of shiny dysfunctional suv's whose days are numbered...none of this canal shipping traffic benefits the general population of egypt in my opinion but instead caters to the mindless consumer interests of a destructive lifestyle of a failed economic system that ignores the ecology that puts the whole world at great risk.