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Lowell Michalove • − Please take the one minute needed to read the following brief. It's ALL about ENERGY and the/our/your hedonist WASTE ! ! !Humanity's fate is ALL about the overconsumption of Energy.Yet, AMERICA continues to WASTE over 70% of the energy it consumes. At the end of the day, it's our own DUMB fault !Our hedonist energy waste is culturally pervasive, inexcusable, and suicidal.(1) 100's of millions of lights unnecessarily burn energy every day and night. (2) We over heat, over cool, and over light our municipalities, businesses, offices, homes, churches, SCHOOLS, etc… (3) Over packaging is the norm, and recycling is inadequate. Our landfills are busier than ever. Plastics (all of which are derived from petroleum) are the cause of most cancers.(4) Most Americans do not minimize their driving; road congestion is horrendous.(5) America's incessant obsession with driving and road construction is the ultimate contradiction to sustainable living. …


The Association is asserting that the nearby Plymouth-based nuclear power plant has created a “killing zone” in Cape Cod Bay that not only affects the future health of the Jones River and its native species but the health of a wide variety of aquatic species, large and small, and the food they depend on to survive.

The Watershed Association and Pilgrim Watch have jointly written to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) suggesting that the plant’s owner – Entergy Corporation – should not have its license to operate the Pilgrim nuclear power plant extended unless and until it upgrades the facility’s water cooling system.

That license expires later this year, and Entergy has been engaged in a license renewal process for more than six years.

The Association and Pilgrim Watch assert that the plant’s cooling system – which uses seawater to maintain safe temperatures at the plant – is discharging harmful pollution and potentially impacting endangered species and their habit…


A year ago Enbridge CEO Pat Daniel announced a new foreign partner for its Northern Gateway Pipeline project.

Daniels told a meeting in Whistler, BC that Sinopec, China’s second largest oil company, was investing an undisclosed amount in the pipeline approval process in return for a guaranteed place on the pipeline and the right to pony up for an equity stake in the $5+ billion project.

Enbridge’s Northern Pipeline project is a dual pipeline designed to deliver tar sands oil to tanker ports in Northern BC for delivery by tanker to refineries in China and other points east. The pipeline approval process starts this week in Kitimat and is estimated to take up to 18 months.

Fast forward a year. An oil industry front group headquartered in the office of Alberta tar sands legal specialists McLennan Ross announces it will be launching an advertising campaign attacking Northern Gateway critics. The front group refuses to disclose its funding source for the ad campaign.

The group, Ethical Oil…