Monday, April 16 2007
**Live from Wood Green Ravine @ Lawrence & Manse Rd. in Scarborough**
Don York Chair of the Manse Valley Community Association. On Feb. 28, 2007, a notice was posted on Wood Green Ravine advising that an application had been submitted to Urban Forestry for a permit to remove 32 trees protected under the City of Toronto tree bylaw. Issuance of this permit would permit the builder to remove more than 1,200 trees from the property! The notice stated that objections to the issuance of a permit could be submitted in writing to the City. More than 1,200 people sent signed letters of protest to Urban Forestry…
…The City has made a decision to issue the permit immediately, despite the letters of objection. Giorgio Mammoliti City Councillor, Ward 7 York West and Chair of the Affordable Housing Committee.
According to local councilor, Ron Moeser, Ward 44 Scarborough East, the forestry division is issuing the permit because council approved the development last year…
Mayor Miller said that neighbourhoods need to be protected. This proposed housing development will divide our community and put the health of residents at risk. What happened to that promise? Mayor Miller talks a lot about environmental initiatives, but now allows more than 1,200 trees to be destroyed. What happened to the great promises of a greener City? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... ANATOMY OF A CRIME . . . . . . . . OF COURSE . . .ITS LEGAL ?(SEE ABOVE NOTES) BUT STILL ITS NOT JUSTIFIED. . .AND IF THIS PROCESS GOES THROUGH THE PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE SHOULD RIGHTLY BE CALLED CRIMINALS,AND TREATED ACCORDINGLY.


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