Gas-guzzling vehicles are one of the key factors behind the notorious environmental record of Canadians, who are among the highest per capita polluters in the world, according to figures made public yesterday by Statistics Canada.
Each Canadian produces an average of 23 tonnes of carbon dioxide-equivalent emissions per year, trailing people in the U.S., who create an average of 24.4 tonnes of emissions per year, and Australians, with an average of 27.7 tonnes of emissions per year, according to the federal statistical agency.
An average car produces about five tonnes of CO2 emissions in a year, according to the report, Human Activity and the Environment, which was issued to coincide with Earth Day.

It found that the production and individual consumption of energy were the main sources of Canada's high per capita emissions.
Although some developing countries, such as India and China, are among the biggest polluters overall, the per capita emissions of those countries are up to 20 times less than those in Canada.
The report also noted that such developed countries as Britain, France and Germany have per capita emissions that are about half of those produced by Canadians, who are increasing their pollution faster than any other industrialized country.
"The largest source of this growth was the production of fossil fuels, including coal, crude oil and natural gas, for export," the report said. "In both 1990 and 2003, the production of these fuels for export resulted in more (greenhouse gas) emissions than the production of any other exported commodity.
"Over the period, as worldwide demand for fuels surged, (greenhouse gas) emissions from the production of exported fuels jumped 146 per cent, and the contribution of this sector increased from 16.5 per cent to 26.6 per cent of all exports."
But the report said the key source of Canadian pollution came from motorists in gas-
guzzling vehicles who caused overall emissions to grow by more than 23 million tonnes since 1990. The transportation sector accounted for one-third of Canada's greenhouse gas emissions and 37 per cent of the growth in "energy-related emissions sources" since 1990.
"Of particular note was the 109-per-cent increase in the emissions from light-duty gasoline trucks ... reflecting the growing popularity of sport-utility vehicles, vans and light trucks," said the report. "These vehicles . . . emit, on average, 40 per cent more (greenhouse gas) emissions per kilometre than gasoline automobiles." . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .."I HAVE SEEN THE ENEMY AND THE ENEMY IS US" . . . . . . . . . . .above news item courtesy of mike de sousa,can west news service and stats canada. . . .april 24-2008


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