International Trade Minister Stockwell Day met in New Delhi yesterday with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Trade Minister Kamal Nath, and they agreed to bolster the meagre trade and investment flows between the two countries.

Relations with India have been strained since the country used Canadian nuclear technology to detonate an atomic bomb in the early 1970s. But the Harper government - which has wooed India while playing cool to China - won favour in New Delhi this summer by supporting India's bid for international acceptance of its nuclear energy program.

Several executives from Canada's nuclear and uranium industries accompanied Mr. Day on this week's visit. The South Asian giant plans to undertake a massive program to build sorely lacking infrastructure, including as many as 25 reactors to meet pressing demands for power. . . . . .WHEN WILL WE EVER LEARN . . . .note: above news item from globe and mail jan 22-2009 . . .THE IDEA OF INDIA BUILDING 25 NUCLEAR REACTORS IS MIND BOGGLING . .AND MY COUNTRY CANADA,ALONG WITH FRANCE,USA AND RUSSIA IS HELPING WITH TECHNICAL AND FINANCIAL (?) . . .I STRONGLY OPPOSE THIS VENTURE DUE TO ITS NEGATIVE IMPACTS ON THE ENVIRONMENT AND VERY,VERY EXPENSIVE,DIRTY (CO2/GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS) . . . .THIS IS
NOT ..CLEAN AND GREEN AS THE NUCLEAR INDUSTRY WOULD HAVE YOU BELIEVE. . . http://www.peakoil.org.au/nuclear.co2.htm .. you must consider the mining and storage and transportation and security ,to get atrue picture of pollutants from this industry. . . .also it is far easier to cut the demand rather than increase the supply of electric power.


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