Although there has been widespread coverage in the American media of the tragic events unfolding in South Ossetia, essential background information about the conflict has often been omitted. First and foremost, nearly all of the articles avoid calling Georgia's action on Aug. 7 what it was - a clear act of military aggression by Georgia directed against the residents of South Ossetia and the Russian peacekeepers deployed in the region.


On Conflict in Georgia / Follow the pipeline . . . .it goes from the Caspian sea overland through Georgia to a terminal in Turkey. . . ..millions of tons of crude oil and gas are shipped annually by this route . . . . .ONE BILLION MOTOR VEHICLES ON PLANET EARTH IS DROOLING TO GET THIS OIL . . .REGARDLESS OF HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE KILLED OR HOW MUCH DAMAGE IS DONE TO THE ENVIRONMENT . . .WOULD IT NOT MAKE SENSE TO REDUCE THE NUMBER OF GAS GUZZLING CARS AND REDUCE DEMAND ?? NO O O O THAT'S TOO SIMPLE . . .INSTEAD WE (CAR MAKERS) PRODUCE AND SELL MORE AND MORE CARS.

The result is a humanitarian disaster - hundreds of civilians dead, many of them Russian citizens; tens of thousands of refugees; and the destruction of many villages and the capital of South Ossetia.


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